What’s hot in corporate renewable energy procurement

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From a global pandemic to extreme weather events, supply shortages and a global energy crisis, it’s been a wild couple of years. The uncertainty and instability has bred innovation among corporate energy buyers: Not only are those with experience exploring and using a wider range of contract types, but a broader range of companies of all sizes have gotten more comfortable with taking the plunge into renewables procurement.

That’s according to “State of the Market,” an annual report from the Clean Energy Buyers Association (CEBA) that identifies top trends from the energy deals inked by U.S.-based corporations. CEBA, an advocacy organization that aims to accelerate corporate clean energy deployments and decarbonize the power sector, also draws wisdom from its member organizations, which includes climate trailblazers such as Google, Amazon and Meta. In this way, the “State of the Market” report isn’t a trailing indicator — it’s a bellwether for what the leaders of the pack are thinking, and it sets the tone and priorities for companies’ clean energy strategies in the year to come.

Here are some of the year’s top trends, shared from the main stage this week at the CEBA Spring Summit in Detroit. Read more…