Country report-Plastic value chain in Kenya

Study_plastic vale chain

Certain steps to advance waste management in Kenya have already been taken by both the private and public sector. Most notable development is the init...

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National Guidance: Plastic pollution hotspotting and shaping action

Plastic hotspotting

Hotspots: They refer to the most relevant plastic polymers, applications, industrial sectors, regions or waste management stages causing the leakage o...

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Kenya and the Netherlands Working together towards Circular Agriculture in Kenya


By adopting increasingly circular, regenerative, and inclusive farming practices,  Kenya has shown great potential to make its second-largest industry...

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Single Use Plastics Trend Report


With the bans on single use plastic use and carrier bags, Kenya is among the first movers in a worldwide trend towards a cleaner and healthier environ...

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Transition to a Circular Economy – Trend Report


Through meaningful partnerships between government agencies and the private sector, Kenya is on a path to strategically integrating circularity in key...

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Report – East Africans, Let’s Unite for Change


Policies, Regulations and Laws that Address the Harmful Effects of Single-Use Plastics in the East African Community. The East African Community (the ...

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Kenyan Circular Economy Trends Opportunities


A radical transformation in the way we use natural resources is central to meeting the needs of future generations. The take make-waste concept has le...

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Kenya is in Transition to a Circular Economy: KEPSA Report Shows

CE Trend Report Cover

PRESS RELEASE 27th May 2021, Nairobi: Sustainable Inclusive Business, the knowledge center under the Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) Foundation,...

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