Redifining Business Values

Businesses must integrate environmental consciousness into their operations, redefining values to prioritize sustainability and inclusion. This involves assessing their impact on people and the planet, implementing actual pricing, and developing future-proof strategies. Public-private partnerships, dialogues, events, and expert consulting are essential to drive sustainable practices and achieve positive impacts.

  • Redefining Business Values

    Environmental consciousness is now essential for all businesses. Redefining values to focus on sustainability, inclusion, innovation, and enterprise is crucial for future-proofing. This approach looks at the full impact of business operations on people, the planet, and profit. Actual pricing involves considering the environmental and social costs of products and services. Sustainable Inclusive Business collaborates with TheRockGroup to help businesses measure their impact, conduct ESG assessments, and produce transparent sustainability reports.

  • Strategy and Reporting

    Developing future-proof strategies is vital for creating sustainable business impacts. This includes creating sustainability strategies, ESG planning, external benchmarking, and managing transitions within industries. Continuous improvement is supported through hands-on guidance, ensuring that businesses have reliable reporting and clear targets.

  • Partnership Building

    As a neutral platform within the Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA), Sustainable Inclusive Business emphasizes the importance of public-private partnerships. These collaborations are crucial for establishing a sustainable business environment. Meeting Sustainable Development Goal 17, which focuses on partnerships for the goals, requires strong commitments to global cooperation. Sustainable Inclusive Business uses its knowledge and networks to create effective partnerships and coalitions.

  • Dialogues and Events

    Engaging in dialogues, meetings, roundtables, and conferences provides opportunities to unite people and ideas, fostering business opportunities. Sustainable meetings focus on responsible material use and waste management. Using digital tools and innovations, Sustainable Inclusive Business ensures high levels of audience engagement. Events are designed to be impactful and followed up with visual notes, reports, and matchmaking opportunities. The organization excels in event planning, ensuring low-footprint, high-value gatherings.

  • Expert Consulting

    Sustainable Inclusive Business offers expert consulting to boost sustainable business development. Partnering with TheRockGroup, the organization provides support in sustainability strategies, ESG compliance, impact measurement, and improvement plans. Services include soul scans to understand and redefine business values, impact assessments for carbon emissions and ESG scans, and comprehensive sustainability communication. The consultancy aims to help businesses thrive, stay relevant, and positively impact the planet.

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    Sustainability Training

    The sustainability agenda is critical for the private sector, requiring integration into business operations and reporting. Sustainable Inclusive Business, in partnership with TheRockGroup, offers tailored training sessions on various topics. These include embedding sustainability, measuring carbon emissions, compliance with ESG standards, engaging employees, systems thinking, effective communication, climate change adaptation, and sustainable financing. The training ensures that businesses can implement sustainability strategies effectively and contribute to a sustainable future.


EU-Kenya Business Forum

EU-Kenya Business Forum The inaugural EU-Kenya Business Forum held on the 21st and 22nd of February 2023 at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Upper Hill in Nairobi, Kenya, was jointly organized by the European Union and its Member States in partnership with the Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) and the European Business Council (EBC). It aimed [...]

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Supply Chain Webinar Report

Supply Chain Webinar Report On 29th May 2020, Sustainable Inclusive Business (SIB-Kenya) in partnership with Supply, Systems and People (SSP) held a webinar dubbed “Effect of Covid-19 on Procurement”. Approximately 27 people participants in the 1hr 30 minutes’ session, which aimed at exploring the impact of the Corona Virus pandemic on businesses’ procurement behaviours, the [...]

Report on Code Of Ethics Business Values and New Business Mindset

Report on Code Of Ethics Business Values and New Business Mindset Kenya is a growing economy and within it is the business community that plays an important role in making the country economically stable, more sustainable and inclusive. The growing economy needs to have a positive impact on people and planet. Businesses have to be [...]

Final Report of the Boost Better Business Program 2 Scale 20Nov18

Final Report of the Boost Better Business Program 2 Scale 20Nov18 While it is commonplace for business leaders to discuss how they minimize the harm their businesses cause to communities and the environment, the new business leaders are setting the bar higher by seeking to, not only minimize harm, but to also maximize the positive [...]


Gender Mainstreaming for Business

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