Our Social Fabric as a Driver in Environmental Action

Group of business people put hand stack showing synergy of corporate cooperation on environmental protection to save Earth. Environmental awareness and eco unity concept. Trailblazing

The intricate web of relationships, values, and norms that bind communities together forms the community’s ‘Social Fabric.’ It influ...

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Sustainable Water Management in Kenya: Navigating Challenges for a Thriving Future

Sustainable Water Management

Water is a fundamental resource for sustaining life, supporting ecosystems, and driving socioeconomic activities. When we have it in plenty, we tend t...

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How the Circular Economy Model Can Create Socioeconomic Value in Kenya


Plastic packaging has brought us undeniable convenience, which is valuable for our bustling, on-the-go society. This is especially true in the food an...

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Understanding the Carbon Market in Kenya: The Glaring Opportunities

Carbon Creds Article-min

In the era of climate change and environmental responsibility, businesses are increasingly looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint while als...

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The Importance of Including Indigenous Knowledge in Climate Action

Indigenous Knowledge Article Pic

The interconnected nature of native communities with their land and livelihood activities is undeniable when one looks at how they rely on environment...

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UNEA 6: What to Expect from Kenya’s Private Sector Participation


The United Nations Environment Assembly’s sixth session (UNEA-6) can be summarized as a platform for exploring new ideas and making bold decisions to ...

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Partner Profile: Beyond Cultural Limits (BCL) Foundation


Started: January 2022 Summary: The Beyond Cultural Limits Foundation is a Maasai community-driven organization that strives to create sustainable com...

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Navigating Jua-Kali Business School On The Path To Sustainable Entrepreneurship

carpenter-cutting-mdf-board-inside-workshop (1)

Growing up, I had the unique opportunity to learn on the job, a seemingly humorous situation considering I was still in school. Yet, in life, we have ...

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Creating Opportunities and Alleviating Poverty through Sustainable Trade (COAST)

The Coast Proj cover

Moroto Paradise, in Tudor, is one of Mombasa County’s over 70 informal settlement areas. The high population in the area had put a strain on the exist...

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Earth Day 2023: How Can You Invest in Our Planet?


First held in 1970 in America and going global in 1990, International Mother Earth Day is now considered one of the most widely observed days of envir...

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