Creating Opportunities and Alleviating Poverty through Sustainable Trade (COAST)

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Moroto Paradise, in Tudor, is one of Mombasa County’s over 70 informal settlement areas. The high population in the area had put a strain on the exist...

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Earth Day 2023: How Can You Invest in Our Planet?


First held in 1970 in America and going global in 1990, International Mother Earth Day is now considered one of the most widely observed days of envir...

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Sustainable Inclusive Business-Kenya, Under KEPSA, Launches a Schools Plastic Waste Separation Campaign at Umoja Primary School

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Sustainable Inclusive Business-Kenya (SIB-K), the knowledge center under the Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) has launched a school plastic waste...

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Plastic waste has sparked conversations around the world. While plastic is considered valuable, many people have resorted to single-use plastics, whic...

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Business!! It’s all nature


Population growth continues to exacerbate unprecedented pressure on the earth system. As we continue to undermine the stability and the ability of the...

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Is Kenya ready for circular agriculture?


The question now is, is Kenya ready to adopt circular agriculture as a country? Are there here conversations driving the country towards Circular agri...

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Opinion: Are we ready for the system shift to a Circular Economy?


By Pracksidis Wandera  Recently, the push for governments, civil societies, the private sector among other stakeholders to adopt circular business mod...

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On sustainability, think about trees and water pipes


THURSDAY MAY 13 2021 By KARIN BOOMSMA Circular economy and sustainability are buzzwords synonymous with globetrotting NGO executives and professors wh...

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Business Resilience During and after COVID-19


Free Guest Webinar on Routes to resilience-CGE Risk The COVID 19 period has been a wakeup call for business owners, to have in place sustainable model...

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It is the time for nature: An opportunity to reflect on our relationship with nature!!


Photo Credit: National Wildlife Federation   Kenya was not left behind in marking the 5th of June 2020 as the World Environment Day, under the theme ‘...

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