Climate Change and Biodiversity

A significant disconnect between people and the environment contributes to climate change and resource loss. Kenya, reliant on natural resource-dependent sectors, has set ambitious climate goals, including a 32% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. Circular agriculture, water conservation, and renewable energy are key areas of focus. Public-private partnerships and innovative practices aim to enhance resilience and sustainability.

  • Food and Agriculture

    Agriculture contributes significantly to Kenya’s GDP and employment. The sector is vital for food security and is adopting circular practices to improve sustainability. Initiatives like those by the Beyond Cultural Limits Foundation promote sustainable livelihoods and climate-smart agricultural practices.

  • Water

    Water scarcity and unpredictable rainfall are major issues. Sustainable Inclusive Business partners with experts to promote sustainable water consumption and technologies.

  • Energy

    Most African countries rely on fossil fuels, but Kenya has made progress in renewable energy, with 85% of its electricity from renewable sources. Emphasizing renewable energy and regenerative models is crucial for a low-carbon future.


EU-KENYA Green Diplomacy Conference

EU-KENYA Green Diplomacy Conference On the 11th and 12th of May 2021, the European Union and Kenya held a Virtual EU-Kenya Green Diplomacy Conference, an event organized as part of the EU’s diplomatic efforts to promote a transition to a climate-neutral, nature-positive, resource-efficient, and more circular global economy in line with the ambition of the [...]

Change the Story

Change the Story Change the Story project focuses on nature-based solutions because of the extra benefits they provide to biodiversity conservation, the protection of landscapes, and community development. Together with our partners, we are convinced that local greenhouse gas emissions should preferably be compensated with locally produced credits. Therefore, Change the Story aims to deliver [...]

Reports & Insights

Africa Business-Change the Story- A new report explores the local carbon market in Kenya

Change the Story: A new report explores the local carbon market in Kenya Through the Sustainable Inclusive Business (SIB-Kenya), the Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) has released a report dubbed “Change the Story: Developing a Local Carbon Market in Kenya”. The report describes the current situation, reflects on the opportunities for a Kenyan carbon market, [...]


Gender Mainstreaming for Business

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USAID – Enhancing the Business Enabling Environment for the Plastics Sub-Sector in Kenya


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The Kenya Plastics Pact

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