Here is the Sustainable Inclusive Business story

Sustainable Inclusive Business Kenya is a knowledge Center established under the KEPSA Foundation through a fruitful partnership between KEPSA Foundation and MVO Nederland with the support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Kenya.

Sustainable Inclusive Business is driving and catalyzing change through inspiration, initiative, facilitation and connection. We bring companies and their stakeholders together to share knowledge and good practices and set goals to create a sustainable and inclusive economy and futureproof businesses with positive impact on People and Planet.

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We are a neutral platform that works with government, civil society, academia, businesses, startups, youth and business experts across all sectors with these focus areas: Circular Economy (Waste, Recycling, and Plastics), Climate Change – Food – Land – Water, People (Employee engagement, workers, work environment, gender, and youth) and Business Values. The New Business Mindset is about being Future Proof! It is all about good business DNA that grows the 3Ps (People, Planet and Profit).

Business is the biggest driving force behind any country’s economy. We are therefore mandated to take care of the environment and the people. We have to ensure our footprint does not leave disaster in its wake. You have to ask yourself, what the role and goal of your business is and how can we support you to achieve your GOAL, grow your responsible business practice and improve your Business. Improving your business is always a win! We believe every business can contribute to a sustainable economy!


We believe companies can make the world a better place to live in and can strengthen their business at the same time by integrating people, planet and profit into the core of their business. A healthy, vibrant, fair and responsible business sector is key for both the future of the planet and human progress.


Creating more awareness and knowledge about the importance and chances of Corporate Social Investments, CSR, sustainability and inclusiveness amongst both SMEs and corporates. As these concepts become self-evident parts of doing business in Kenya, business relations between Kenyan and international companies are improved.

Our Team

Karin Boomsma


Ebenezer Amadi

Program Manager

Pracksidis Wandera

Project Assistant & Sustainable Events

Josephine Wawira

Communications Officer

Raymond Obare


Denis Kiplagat

Project Officer