October start set for ban in England of single-use plastic tableware

Photograph- Dan Kitwood&&Getty Images

Single-use plastic plates, cutlery and a range of other items will be banned in England from October, to curb their “devastating” impact on the enviro...

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Fossil fuel producers must be forced to ‘take back’ carbon, say scientists

An oil rig in Invergordon Scotland Photograph-Jane Barlow PA

Fossil fuel companies should be forced to “take back” the carbon dioxide emitted from their products, handing them direct responsibility for cleaning ...

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Reinventing food supply chains for a growing world

Image- Avery Dennison

After two decades of impressive economic growth, Asia has changed beyond all recognition. As lives have improved, the prevalence of hunger and poor nu...

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The technological evolution of materials recycling

Brooklyn, New York - November 7, 2016: Recycling heaps at the Sims Municipal Recycling Center. It is a State-of-the-Art Material Recovery Facility in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, New York.

Have you been to a materials recovery facility (MRF)? I’ve had the pleasure of touring a couple, and the thing that sticks out about my experiences th...

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There isn’t enough recycled plastic for companies to meet commitments. What now?

Plastic recycling and reuse concept. Empty plastic bottle and various fabrics made of recycled polyester fiber synthetic fabric on a blue background. Environmental protection waste recycling.

Many companies have made commitments to drastically increase their use of post-consumer recycled content (PCR) in their packaging or products. Take Ne...

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Are carbon offsets a joke? A response to comedian John Oliver

John Oliver

Oliver also left viewers thinking that offsets are only ever used to greenwash, which again ignores what’s actually happening. Many companies follow b...

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Tesco launches new waste-busting service to help suppliers swap surplus stock


“Excess stock or waste for one supplier could be a valuable commodity to another,” said Sarah Bradbury, Tesco quality director. “By ...

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New rule coming through: How to keep up with changing climate regulations

Earth days

In an effort to salvage our planet for generations to come, climate-protection measures are intensifying around the world. Most recently, the Security...

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How climate change reporting can change the face of investment


What motivates industries to reduce their environmental impact? In order for businesses to be transparent with their investors, they need to have cons...

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Gov’t Endorses Elimination Of Problematic Plastics

Dr Ayub Macharia, officially launching the Priority List

The Kenya Plastics Pact (KPP) has published a list of problematic and unnecessary plastic items to be eliminated in Kenya. This adds to the already ex...

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