Kenya Plastic Action Plan

kpap cover

The Kenya Plastic Action Plan is a private sector-led initiative that aims at establishing a voluntary centre for post-consumer plastic management thr...

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National E-Waste Management Strategy


Electrical & Electronic pollution is a global challenge that requires global cooperation. Countries, corporations, and other actors must work toge...

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National Sustainable Waste Management Policy

Waste Management Policy Cover

Waste is a resource that can be managed to achieve economic, social and environmental benefits. Addressing the waste management challenge effectively ...

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National Marine Litter Management Action Plan


The Action plan provides pathways and identifies an agreed road map on which Kenya will ensure how waste is properly managed (prevention, reduction, s...

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Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) 2021


Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is defined as an environmental protection strategy that makes the manufacturer of the product responsible for t...

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