Re-Connect For Good Practices On The Sustainable Circular Economy Journey. Upande Ltd is a private Kenyan social enterprise founded in 2009.  We devel...

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Safeguard plants for survival of humanity


On March 29, 2022, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution to designate every May 12 as the International Day of Plant Health. This d...

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Circularity requires collaboration from companies, large and small


When we think about what it will take to transform our global economy, it is easy to suffer from one of two thought distortions: The first is an overw...

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Country report-Plastic value chain in Kenya

Study_plastic vale chain

Certain steps to advance waste management in Kenya have already been taken by both the private and public sector. Most notable development is the init...

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National Guidance: Plastic pollution hotspotting and shaping action

Plastic hotspotting

Hotspots: They refer to the most relevant plastic polymers, applications, industrial sectors, regions or waste management stages causing the leakage o...

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3 observations about circular packaging, from the experts


Everyone who participates in the modern economy understands that packaging needs to be improved, right? Honestly, I get frustrated when it takes 10 mi...

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The Philippines’ plastic lawsuit highlights limitations of UN pollution pact

Denmark Minister for Environment

By Hannah Alcoseba Fernandez 4 minute readMarch 17, 2022 Even before world leaders agreed to draw up the first international treaty to control global...

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Recycled plastic bottles are leaching harmful chemicals into drinks

Belinda Ford

As consumer goods brands race to put more recycled content in their packaging, a study finds that recycled PET plastic bottles contain higher levels o...

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21 solutions to make our economy more circular


By Giorgia Marino Five hundred billion tons. That’s the amount of resources consumed globally over the past six years, between COP21 in Paris in...

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The Coca-Cola Company Announces Industry-Leading Target for Reusable Packaging


  The Coca-Cola Company today announced an industry-leading goal to significantly boost its use of reusable packaging. By 2030, the company aims ...

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