USAID – Enhancing the Business Enabling Environment for the Plastics Sub-Sector in Kenya

A colorful collection of broken plastic bottles is a powerful illustration of recycling and waste management efforts

USAID - Enhancing the Business Enabling Environment for the Plastics Sub-Sector in Kenya The project is centered on catalyzing Kenya’s ...

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Annual Sustainable Inclusive Conference


Since the launch of Sustainable Inclusive Business – the knowledge & network centre at the end of 2015, we have been hosting the Annual sustainabl...

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SIB-K under KEPSA call for Innovations and Business Models that Design Out Waste


According to the Sustainable Inclusive Business (SIB-K) in their Sustainability Magazine 2021, a shift to a circular economy will keep materials in us...

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Kenya banking on circular economy to hasten post pandemic recovery


Dutch Ambassador to Kenya Maarteen Brouwers hands over his credentials to President Uhuru Kenyatta at State House Nairobi on September 2. He has calle...

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Why electronic waste is Kenya’s big headache


A technician at the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Centre (WEEE Centre) in Utawala, Nairobi on Tuesday. PHOTO | SALATON NJAU | NMG Where is...

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Youth empowerment during Covid 19: Creating Opportunities in innovative industries

Youth Innovation

Protect innovation by young scientist president Kenyatta tells education Young people are considered strong, energetic, activ...

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Women for Sustainable Economy in Kenya


Traditional ideas about the roles of women restrict their contributions to Kenya’s economic and social empowerment. These old-fashioned ideas have for...

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Ebenezer Amadi

  Amadi is an enthusiastic leader with an interest in developing connections between multi-stakeholders by creating an environment that triggers ...

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5 Statistics That Show How Unsustainable Our Lifestyles Are – WeForum


5 statistics that show how unsustainable our lifestyles are From food to forests. 📕 Read more: Posted by World Economic Forum o...

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Shocking reality of Kenya’s water crisis


Experts are now warning that Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Eldoret and Nakuru risk suffering debilitating shortages in the next 10 years if nothing is don...

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