Messing with nature is risky business!

For a long time now, economy and the conservation of biodiversity seemed to be two different worlds. Not many CEOs or financial managers were able to explain how their company’s impact contributed to the loss of species, deforestation or the acidification of oceans. But times have changed. Today, trailblazing entrepreneurs understand that they don’t have […]

World Youth Skills Day: How KEPSA’s Project is Enhancing Acquisition of Waste Management Skills

The Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) has been spearheading efforts that are geared towards enhancing youth skills across the country and beyond; to create revamped business models through a series of completed and ongoing projects. These initiatives not only target youth in business but also students and those in the informal sector. One such project, […]

A circular economy requires community, and communities are built through storytelling

By Phil Rosen June 25, 2021 In the apparel business, steps taken to optimize the customer experience don’t always align with the planet’s best interest. But thanks to pioneering companies applying circular economy technology and design principles, things are beginning to shift. The circular economy prioritizes practices such as regenerative design, restoration of products and a […]

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is going to change how we live

By Karin Boomsma During a recent webinar to sensitise the private sector on the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) regulations, a senior official of a prominent local pharmaceutical observed that the pharmaceutical industry cannot be responsible for consumers’ management of drugs purchased by them and it would therefore be unfair to expect the industry to be […]

Major food brands launch fund for bag, pouch recycling

By Cecilia Keating June 7, 2021 Flexible plastic is notoriously difficult to recycle. Courtesy of Flexible Plastic Fund Close Authorship Some of the United Kingdom’s largest consumer goods companies and supermarkets have jointly launched a $1.5 million fund that aims to invest in efforts to make plastic bags, wrappers, firms, pouches, packets and sachets easier for […]

Settling the score on reusable vs. recyclable cups

Landfill-bound trash at a music festival in New Jersey, summer of 2019. Courtesy Effect Marketing. There’s good news and bad news when it comes to beverage cups used at concerts, sporting events and other large gatherings: A fierce competition is underway to be seen as the sustainable container of choice, with each cup vendor making its […]

World Environment Day: Threat of Global Environmental Ruin is Real

Sometime in 2013, KTN News Anchors did something different and beautiful. They wore black armbands emblazoned, “Hands off our Elephants”. I am sure some Kenyans will remember this television act, as there was some intense viewer interaction. This was one of the many corporate social responsibility campaigns by the Standard Media Group. It was a […]

Kenya setting up emissions trading market, says Ukur Yatani

TUESDAY MAY 11 2021 Kenya aims to set up an emissions trading system that will allow companies and other bodies to buy emissions allowances, Treasury said on Tuesday, as the country strives to limit the release of greenhouse gases. Emissions trading is a pollution control mechanism where a central authority issues a limited number of […]

The circular economy transition is a billion-dollar opportunity for Africa

COVID-19 shrank economies around the world. However, the crisis presents a unique opportunity for many to rebuild green and potentially bounce back stronger than ever. This opportunity is especially clear for the African continent when considering the circular economy. While products and resources are made, used and disposed of in a “linear economy,” in a […]

Keeping fashion workers in the loop

By Cliodhnagh Conlon & Laura Macias April 30, 2021 As the fashion industry contemplates the rapid changes to a circular economy, it cannot ignore the human side. This article originally was published in the BSR Insight. We know that “rapid and far-reaching” transitions are needed across our global economy and societies to limit the worst impacts of the climate […]