How to build an equitable ocean economy

Sustainability and equity are two sides of the same coin. Equity is a prerequisite for a sustainable ocean economy, where humanity safeguards marine and coastal ecosystems, sustainably uses ocean resources, and ensures equitable distribution of benefits — especially for the more than 3 billion people who depend on marine resources for their livelihoods. Questions on how to […]

Can you go climate smart and gender smart in the public markets?

So far in this column, I’ve written about how climate and gender are coming together in private market investment vehicles, and why investing that way isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s the smart thing to do. But what about the public markets? We know that more capital is deployed through investing in listed companies […]

5 ways to cut oil and gas use through clean transportation

There’s never been a better time to reduce reliance on fossil fuels. Oil and gas prices are skyrocketing as a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, with gas prices exceeding $4 a gallon in the United States in March and more than $10 a gallon in other countries. Meanwhile, the world is already experiencing the deadly […]

Global business survey finds ‘little consistency’ in how sustainability leadership roles are organised

A study of businesses has found that although environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues have shot up the corporate agenda in recent years, companies have taken a muddled approach to organising their sustainability function. The global survey of 300 companies, conducted by WSJ Pro, a premium content subscription service run by publisher Dow Jones, assessed the readiness of corporations […]

Bridgestone’s tires are going circular

Bridgestone is no stranger to recycling tires. For years, the company has collected used tires and repurposed their component parts. Sometimes they’re turned into rubberized asphalt, sometimes construction materials or mulch, sometimes burned for fuel. There’s just one problem: A lot of carbon is often emitted along the way. Melting tires down for the cement industry, for example, […]

Planet vs. plastic: Three steps to solving the global plastics waste crisis

From the Arctic tundra to the top of Mount Everest to inside the human gut, plastics are quite literally everywhere. Escalating plastic production, exclusively out of fossil fuels, is a dirty not-so-little secret — it rose from 2 million tons in 1950 to nearly 400 million tons in 2020. The consequences, from overflowing landfills to marine life death […]

Is Kenya ready for circular agriculture?

The question now is, is Kenya ready to adopt circular agriculture as a country? Are there here conversations driving the country towards Circular agriculture? Noticeable trends show that the country is ready or is already shifting to a circular economy. Project director at Sustainable Inclusive Business Karin Boomsma gave the Star 11 trends being adopted […]

Carbon footprint labels aim to steer more green buying

Nutritional breakdowns, ethical trade branding, recycling information – and now estimates of a product’s climate impact. Consumers across the globe are starting to see a new kind of information on goods packaging, indicating the level of planet-heating gases emitted by making the items they are buying. This fresh wave of efforts at “carbon footprint” labelling […]

Walmart begins search for sustainable packaging

“We don’t have time to waste.” With this imperative tagline, American retail giant Walmart launched its Circular Connector this spring. The goal: to accelerate innovation in the field of sustainable and circular packaging, creating a bridge between companies looking for packaging that has less impact on the environment and those with new solutions to offer. […]

What’s hot in corporate renewable energy procurement

From a global pandemic to extreme weather events, supply shortages and a global energy crisis, it’s been a wild couple of years. The uncertainty and instability has bred innovation among corporate energy buyers: Not only are those with experience exploring and using a wider range of contract types, but a broader range of companies of […]