Pre-World Environment Day Dialogue: Enhancing Green Jobs Opportunities and Skills for Youth and Women

By Josphine Wawira. I met Naftal Kobags and his group of 14 youthful Coastarians in 2020. They were trainees in the first phase of our COAST Project in Mombasa, facilitated by Sustainable Inclusive Business Kenya on sustainable waste management, converting waste to money-making business cases, entrepreneurship, business skills, and financial literacy. Their enthusiasm was quite […]

Earth Day 2023: How Can You Invest in Our Planet?

First held in 1970 in America and going global in 1990, International Mother Earth Day is now considered one of the most widely observed days of environmental action. According to, more than a billion people worldwide observe Earth Day on 22nd of April each year as a day of action to change human behavior […]

Using the Kenya Plastics Pact Roadmap to Deal with the Plastics Pollution Headache

The plastics waste menace is a battle we, as citizens and organizations should fight collectively. We urge more private businesses, producers and plastic packaging manufacturers, retailers, recyclers, civil-society organizations and informal waste collectors to join the Kenya Plastics Pact. We need more support from the government and its institutions, as well as you, the citizens to accept that we can do without the unnecessary plastics, to make our environment healthier.

Nakuru to partner with foreign firm to end garbage menace

The Nakuru government has announced a plan to turn the solid waste at dumpsites countywide into useful byproducts such as organic fertilisers. Executive in charge of Water, Environment, Energy, Natural Resources and Climate Change Dr Nelson Maara said the county is committed to resolving the garbage problem afflicting the residents Other materials like glass, paper, […]

Ministry pushes for circular economy to improve waste management

The CS noted that the challenge with using the circular economy as a way to manage waste is the need for a mindset shift. As such, she said, the ministry will sensitise relevant authorities to help in educating the people. In partnership with county governments, the CS further said, the ministry is in the process of […]

Organisations should prepare to measure, report greenhouse gases

Greenhouse gases (GHG) are a collection of gases contributing to global warming. Their presence in the atmosphere traps heat from the sun, resulting in warmer temperatures over time. The increased emission of these gases following the industrial age has resulted in the world warming faster than at any other point in history. The debate on […]

October start set for ban in England of single-use plastic tableware

Single-use plastic plates, cutlery and a range of other items will be banned in England from October, to curb their “devastating” impact on the environment, the government has confirmed. The Department for the Environment said the ban will also cover single-use plastic bowls, trays and certain types of polystyrene cups and food containers. However, the move will […]

Fossil fuel producers must be forced to ‘take back’ carbon, say scientists

Fossil fuel companies should be forced to “take back” the carbon dioxide emitted from their products, handing them direct responsibility for cleaning up the climate, a group of scientists has argued. The principle that the producer of pollution should pay for its clean-up is established around the world, but has never been applied to the […]

Reinventing food supply chains for a growing world

After two decades of impressive economic growth, Asia has changed beyond all recognition. As lives have improved, the prevalence of hunger and poor nutrition has fallen consistently. These welcome trends, however, have been brought to a jarring halt by the pandemic outbreak. Rising food prices caused by pandemic supply chain disruption have been exacerbated by the war […]

The technological evolution of materials recycling

Have you been to a materials recovery facility (MRF)? I’ve had the pleasure of touring a couple, and the thing that sticks out about my experiences thus far is not the high-tech sorting machinery. In fact, because I haven’t spent enough time in a MRF to fully comprehend all the material movements, I would best […]