Transition To A Circular Economy

Circular Economy Africa is a private-public platform in which companies, knowledge institutes, policymakers, and (local) authorities collaborate to promote and support national and international collaboration and knowledge exchange on circular economy in Africa.

Our Focus Areas

Together with you, we want to transition into a new sustainable and inclusive economy. Our focus areas will help you prioritize and form the right partnerships to achieve greater and faster impact.

Our Services

We are a neutral platform that works on different levels to speed up the transition to a sustainable, inclusive economy. We work with business, academia, civil society, and the government for an inclusive delivery of these services:


We are a one-stop-shop for all relevant information, updates and tools to inform your sustainable business decisions as well as implementation procedures. Our cemented relationships with the government and its different Ministries, Departments and Agencies, NGOs, Civil Society, and primarily the private sector businesses enable us to influence policies that impact the business sector and create a future-proof business environment for all.


We help your business to answer critical questions: Where are you? What is your vision? What/Who do you need to advance & be future proof?

  • Boost better business program
  • Travelife trainings for tour operators
  • Waste management trainings
  • Employee engagement
  • Tailormade trainings & matches
  • Business development missions


We have implemented numerous innovative projects in Kenya and across Africa, covering various themes, including circular economy, waste management, biodiversity, nature-based solutions, waste-to-value, solutions to plastic pollution, and awareness creation. We further conduct research within our key focus areas, as well as assessment and evaluation to ensure the sustainability of the projects.


Sustainable Inclusive Business is an expert in linking topics, challenges and opportunities to the right multi-stakeholder group. With our wide network in all corners of society from corporate leaders, SMSE’s, Start-ups, entrepreneurs, innovators, academia, community based organisations, NGO’s, Creatives, Artists, Environmentalist, Journalist, Lawyers, Government and Civil society we are able to create partnerships that truly impact the environment, the society and economy. Our platform is a great stage for bringing everyone together.

Our Project Portfolio

Gender Mainstreaming for Business

Gender Mainstreaming for Business In response to the pressing need for gender inclusivity and equity within the waste management sector in Kenya, Sustainable Inclusive Business Kenya, the Knowledge Center under the Kenya Private Sector Alliance, KEPSA, embarked on a project to develop a comprehensive toolkit that would contribute to the transformative journey towards fostering gender [...]

The Kenya Plastics Pact

The Kenya Plastics Pact The Kenya Plastics Pact It is an ambitious, collaborative initiative that brings together stakeholders across the whole plastics value chain to transform the current linear plastics system into a circular economy for plastics. All stakeholders involved sign up to a joint set of ambitious and time-bound targets (Elimination of all problematic [...]

The COAST Project Phase I and II

The COAST Project Phase I and II The COAST project (Phases 1 & 2) aimed to support women and youth in Mombasa County, Tudor Moroto, to create opportunities to generate income through sustainable trade. The project, led by the Sustainable Inclusive Business, empowered women and youth by harnessing their entrepreneurship skills and enhancing access to [...]


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