Business is the biggest driving force behind any country’s economy.
We are here to facilitate dialogue, share knowledge, build networks, create partnerships and provide organisational support for businesses to grow towards a responsible direction.

We are a neutral platform. We work with government, academia, civil society, businesses and startups in all sectors while focusing on these focus areas that combine and cover all aspects of sustainable inclusive business practice.


The biggest challenge to sustainability lies in the current linear – take, make, waste economic model and an out dated energy system.  This model is based on cheap materials, cheap labour and cheap energy.

Circular Economy brings all different and urgent topics cross-sectoral together in order to drive towards a low-carbon economy (and meeting the SDGs).

Here we support (Plastic) waste management issues, Recycle opportunities, incubate business solutions, design alternatives and Communicate to raise awareness, change behavior and educate positively.

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Without people, no business, whether you are a factory, a tech company or agri-business. One business has more people in the workforce others have less, but there are people in each business. The quality, the productivity and the reliability of your people are a key asset in your company. The more the employee is engaged, the better it is for business.

How does that work in a world of today?

Here we support workforce empowerment, diversity, employee engagement and enterprise development.

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Doing good is no longer an option. It is a must do for every business. It requires that every company looks at the full impact of its business across the value chain. It requires every business to redefine its values. Instead of profit at all costs, consider triple bottomline: Planet, People and Profit. Instead of growth at all costs, consider building a thriving business.

The new business values are all combined in sustainability and inclusion as well as innovation and enterprise. Without them, it is impossible to build future proof businesses.

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Today, there is a big disconnection between people and planet. People do not relate to nature and environment as their home, business ground and cycle of life. This causes a lack of responsibility in how we treat the environment leading to rise in global temperatures and loss of critical natural services.

Once we understand that without a balanced planet there is no future, we realize that it is everyone’s concern and future and therefore we need to combine efforts to achieve a greater goal, faster – adaptation and mitigation of climate change.

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