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Plastic waste has sparked conversations around the world. While plastic is considered valuable, many people have resorted to single-use plastics, whic...

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Why renewable energy infrastructure needs to be built for a circular economy


It is unquestionable that renewable energy needs to be part of the solution to climate change. With many countries committing at COP26 to reach net-ze...

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3 missing ingredients for scaling regenerative agriculture

red berries on a green background on the branch

t’s already been a month since I returned from my visit to Minnesota, where I took a closer look at the state of regenerative agriculture in the bread...

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WRC Safari Rally: Time to cut carbon emissions


As FIA World Rally Championship leader Kalle Rovanperä prepares to open the road this weekend, he confirms that the rally is quite different from the ...

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Is it time to rethink how sustainability is visually marketed?


Are pictures of distressed polar bears, raging wildfires or wind turbines the most impactful way for businesses to convey the importance of environmen...

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Rethinking packaging to support a circular economy


About one-third of packaging worldwide is made of paperboard, and demand for this material and other cellulose fiber is growing as regulators and cons...

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How to engage employees on your net zero goal


Employees of organizations with net zero goals are getting excited. They are convinced that their companies need to take on a larger role in the fight...

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Why climate litigators may be coming for your company


Send in the lawyers! That seems to be the marching orders for climate activists these days. And not just the leading NGOs: Individuals, cities, Indige...

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What does it mean to have a sustainable brand?

BE-What Role Does Sustainability Play in a Brand_a better future 2

What role does sustainability play in a brand? Despite your best efforts, your brand is not just what you say it is. Your brand is an evolving relatio...

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Corporations plus climate tech startups = scale


There are literally hundreds, maybe thousands, of technology accelerator and incubator programs — with a smaller subset catering specifically to firms...

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