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Sustainable Inclusive Business Kenya Today’s office is changing with growth and advancement in technology and the need to reduce our carbon foot print...

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4 factors to examine when setting sustainability goals for a business

A wind turbine standing in a field.  Many more turbines can be seen in the distance.

copy space, blue sky, green, wind turbine, nobody, landscape, nature

By Troy Doughman January 4, 2022 Wind turbine in landscape. Image courtesy of Getty Images. This article is sponsored by Shell Energy. The...

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When circularity meets climate tech

Concept Luna_Materials Exploration_with disclaimer

By Heather Clancy January 12, 2022 The innards of Dell’s Concept Luna notebook computer. Image courtesy of Dell This article was ada...

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Timberland wants your boots back

By Deonna Anderson These boots were made for recycling? That’s the message Timberland, widely known for its wheat-colored nubuck boots, is sendi...

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The 6 sustainable packaging trends we’ll be watching in 2022


By Meg Wilcox Last year was a reckoning for companies racing the clock to meet their 2025 sustainable packaging goals. In the U.S., states passed grou...

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Sustainable Inclusive Business launches the Kenya Plastics Pact to tackle plastics waste

KPP Artwork

Nairobi (October 7th, 2021). Sustainable Inclusive Business (SIB-K) has launched an ambitious, new collaborative initiative to tackle plastics waste a...

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6th Annual Sustainable Inclusive Business-Circular Economy Conference 7th and 8th October 2021


While last year we stated that ‘Kenya needs to accelerate the adoption of circular economy’, this year we would like to focus on the journey on how “K...

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Kenya is in transition to a circular economy


SIB-Kenya has set itself as a trailblazer in promoting a circular economy in Kenya and beyond through cross-cutting projects and initiatives. Read mor...

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Opinion: Are we ready for the system shift to a Circular Economy?


By Pracksidis Wandera   Recently, the push for governments, civil societies, the private sector among other stakeholders to adopt circular busin...

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Sustainable Inclusive Business – KEPSA Clean-Up Exercise to Accelerate Waste Separation at Source in Mombasa

Clean Up Excercise in Tudor, Mombasa

Mombasa, 17th July 2021: The Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) Foundation, through Sustainable Inclusive Business (SIB-K), in collaboration with M...

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