The Sustainable Inclusive Approach

Without people, there is no business! Whether you are a factory, a tech company or agri-business, it takes people, even though some businesses require more people than others. The quality, productivity and the reliability of people are a key asset in your company. The more employees engaged, the better it is for business. How does that work for the world today?

Scientists have discovered that not only well-being, access to incentives like healthcare and a decent salary drive the best business: bust self drive, mastery and above all a sense of PURPOSE make you perform to the maximum.


In countries where it is very hard to get a decent paid, job the space for purpose is dropped back miles and this is very well reflected in any type of motivation/application letter on the lower jobs spectrum. The motivation is to serve any kind of business goal and do your work for the salary you need. Once the job is a middle class income job, the employee engagements elements other then monetary incentives kick in.

The gap that remains is the way people have learnt how to think at educational institutes doesn’t match the requirements and expectations of future proof employees. The old school style have encouraged to listen, to respect hierarchies, to not be accountable, to not be critical. There is a great need for pro-active, curious, assertive, innovative, discovering professionals. 

The Employee Engagement Program

We offer programs where we measure happiness in companies and create employee engagement plans.

Once implemented this will save the business money! Less sick-leaves, less resignations, increased productivity and happiness.

Hubs support / Circular & Green innovations / Start-ups

Disruption, development and innovations

we all focus on the hubs and start-ups that might hold the next best thing. But what about all great businesses and innovation we need to solve environmental and social issues that won’t become the next big thing, but a great and needed MSME? What about all those bright innovative brains that are not aware of the space they could develop the next best service or product in? We provide boosting programs to make you understand current urgent topics, meet and match with the right people and other existing businesses.

Together with experts in the start-up space we have programs available that build a business, cause one great idea is not the key to success.

Sustainable Inclusive Business – Kenya is developing the circular & green innovation Space!

Gender / diversity

Cultures, habits, behaviors and attitudes we need to let go to achieve a well-balanced, gender balanced and diverse workforce.

Offer a workplace and work conditions that bring the best out in each employee. The biggest problem is that we think equality is the same, but a woman who is still nursing a baby will need a break to express milk and a room to do that, while a man needs a break in a different way.

On salary it is still a global phenomenon that women get paid less for the same job compared to men. This is a habit we can break free from. It is a fact that men apply for jobs that are beyond their skills-sets, while women apply for jobs below their skills-set. There are various workplace aspects, workplace rules and culture that will increase a better working environment for all.

We can help you with HR manuals, transforming current gender ratio, anti-sexual harassment policy and action, and women/men/workers incentive programs.

Young talent & Business program

Business are dynamic and so are the issues

You might have a business case you like to develop, an issue or project to tackle and you need to have fresh minds and a different approach to them. Business unusual. We compose a talented team of young people to brainstorm, solve and build a business case. With 3 weeks of dedication and professional guidance of a mentor you will not only have got a case, but you have empowered young talent with an experience as well.

Academia / Education modules

We can’t grow sustainable inclusive entrepreneurs, workforce if we haven’t informed our future leaders.

What is really going on in the working world? Which issues are we facing? What are needs?

We provide master-classes and interactive talks/session for students. Shall we co-create a series of ‘out of school’ thinking session.

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