What does it mean to have a sustainable brand?

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What role does sustainability play in a brand?

Despite your best efforts, your brand is not just what you say it is. Your brand is an evolving relationship between your company and your customer. Whether that customer is a stakeholder, a consumer or a B2B relationship, it’s important to understand that a brand is squishy — it’s a dialogue and a conversation based on promises of quality for a service or product.

This is where sustainability branding, when done properly, can be a powerful asset to your company. Not only does it provide tangible value in your company’s viability to investors and customers, but it also encourages your company to self-reflect and align brand values with corporate values.

In other words, sustainable branding forces you to reconcile what your company is doing with what your company is saying about itself. When companies start branding themselves as sustainable, it’s crucial to start talking about the structural issues of the company’s value chain that may have social, environmental or governance impacts. Read more…