This company wants your post-industrial textile waste

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verywhere Apparel wants to recycle your clothes.

“The way we like to talk about our company is that we’re a full-stack materials company,” co-founder and COO Irys Kornbluth told GreenBiz. “We start from the very bottom, which is the fiber level. We’re innovating new types of fibers that can be used for yarn spinning and translated all the way up into finished goods.”

While one side of Everywhere’s business is very focused on materials innovation and development — it holds a patent on a new type of material that it’s working on commercializing — the best way for the company to figure out the viability of those materials at scale is for it to make its own products with them.

“So, we do all of the development and testing on our own products,” Kornbluth said. “That’s really, I think, a proof point for other brands to adopt our materials.”

Its materials include a 100 percent recycled cotton fabric, trademarked as CirCot. Everywhere created a closed loop system for it, in which it collects worn shirts, mechanically shreds them and starts the yarn to fabric to garment manufacturing process all over again.

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