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“103,200 Number of people reached every day”
Michael Lwoyelo
MD, Sanergy


How Sanergy uses Circular Economy Model to solve solid waste
management issues:

Sanergy is a full value chain approach to addressing the sanitation crisis by offering sustainable solutions for urban slums.

1. It builds affordable sanitation products designed specifically for urban slums, and franchise them to community members to serve all residents.

2. Professionally collects sanitation waste from the community by handcarts and trucks. The Handcarts are also used to deliver toilets deep in slums.

3. We convert the waste at a centralized facility into valuable end-products such as organic fertilizer and insect-based animal feed.

90% of all sanitation waste generated in Kenya is not properly disposed and treated. Nairobi county generates approximately 4500 tonnes of Solid waste, 2000 tonnes of which is organic.

Sanergy builds high quality but low-cost sanitation facilities; Employs young people to maintain. It collects the waste, treats it and uses it to make organic fertilizer which is helping approximately 3000 farmers increase their annual yields by over 30%. Sanergy is currently serving 100,000 city residents in this program. It is currently working with hotels and restaurants in Nairobi to collect their organic waste. Sanergy has used a solid waste problem to create sustainable solutions for farmers, the environment and create hundreds of jobs.