Rethinking packaging to support a circular economy

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About one-third of packaging worldwide is made of paperboard, and demand for this material and other cellulose fiber is growing as regulators and consumers, worried about climate change, call for a reduction in single-use plastics. Simultaneously, booming e-commerce and food industries further drive packaging production, shining more light on the need for environmentally friendly designs where material can be easily recycled, reused, or repurposed.

Brands and consumer packaged goods companies (CPG) are responding, making bold commitments to improve the sustainability of their packaging and help advance a circular economy. Some of them are rethinking their whole process, from the amount of recycled content they incorporate to how they work with suppliers.

As companies aim for new, sustainable innovations, it is important that alternatives to single-use plastic do not create more or worse challenges than those we are working to solve. We have to be strategic as we try to course correct and move from a linear, take-make-dispose trajectory toward a circular economy. Read more…