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InsectiPro is a startup based in Limuru, Kenya that dedicates itself to creating “sustainable, nutritious and profitable systems, that will positively change the current food and value chains”. Their solution: insects. Founder Talash Huijbers: “People call them beasts, we call them beauties.”

With a fast-growing population, the demand for animal proteins is spiking. Traditional food systems fail to produce these without an alarming pressure on nature. Feeding cows, pigs, and chickens requires vast areas of land, which threatens biodiversity and climate. Additionally, animal feed is extremely expensive so much that local meat and fish are costlier than the imported equivalent.

A cheaper and more sustainable source of animal feed is desperately needed. This is where the products of InsectiPro come in. Insects breed at high speed, require no medicine, do not smell nor bite, don’t require large stables and have a negligible impact on the environment. Furthermore, they thrive on waste streams. InsectiPro is breeding two species that are especially suited to speed up biological agriculture: the black soldier fly (BSF) and the cricket.

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