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Date: 19th to 21st October 2018

Attendance: 21 ( experts, employed youth, unemployed youth, business )

Nurturing young talents with integrity, new creative mind-sets, values and character is key to attaining the strategy, vision and mission of organizations and nations at large. As a trickle down of the 3rd Conference on Sustainable Inclusive Business organised by Sustainable Inclusive Business Kenya, The Great Mind Challenge is a two month top performance, process acceleration program, with a three days high-powered challenge under the theme “The Future is Now,” to bring together the most innovative global thinkers, thought leaders, Scholars, entrepreneurs and change-makers under one platform, for transformation and formation of the future for work New Generation Leaders who will focus on Sustainability and Innovative Future-Proof Solutions for companies.

Impact: Investing in young talents through world class training in performance process, Sustainability and break-through innovation is in line with an organization’s purpose to be people, planet and prosperity driven.