Country report-Plastic value chain in Kenya

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Certain steps to advance waste management in Kenya have already been taken by both the private and
public sector. Most notable development is the initiation of a system of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR). This EPR system is currently supported by upcoming regulations by the public sector, as well
as by the private sector, most prominently through the Kenya Extended Producer Responsibility Initiative (KEPRI) – with a focus on plastic waste fractions. Despite certain challenges and the requirement to
further develop the policy framework, the EPR regulations and related initiatives like KEPRI represent
the most promising approach for addressing current deficiencies of the Kenyan waste management
sector. Yet, all these actions need to be considered as pieces of a wider puzzle. Building a holistic and
robust waste management framework and hence effectively mitigate the problem of littered plastics
is a cross-cutting task that involves policy makers on all levels of the government, businesses and the
civil society all at once. Full report