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6th November 2018

In the Business Daily 


In Summary

  • No country can develop if it does not have a vibrant private sector and an aggressive entrepreneurial class


  • But no entrepreneur, big or small, should exempted from adhering to the laws of the land.


  • For any business to succeed in the long term, it should, from the very outset, to be both inclusive and sustainable.

Last week, the nation was thrown into mourning after reports filtered through that a bus carrying more than 70 passengers had crashed killing 56 passengers and leaving 16 other seriously injured. This is one of the worst, and easily the most deadly, road crashes in Kenya this year.

As authorities try to piece together what could have gone wrong with a view to preventing future reoccurrence, there are a few facts that we know already that could offer useful insights into public transportation and the conduct of business in general.

We now know that the bus driver, who had reportedly been with the company for just a couple of days was 72 years old, had no co-driver, had done more hours on the road than prescribed by law and had apparently complained about the condition of the breaks. Reports indicate that the bus was overloaded to the extent that some passengers sat on crates, which means they could not possibly have belted up. The bus was not licensed to operate at night yet it departed Nairobi at midnight and at some point had to return to the stage to pick more passengers. Read more