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Maji Milele Ltd. is the first subsidiary company of Water Forever; Based in Nairobi, but aim to provide services all over Kenya. Their mission is safe water for all Kenyan people and not only for a few years, but ‘forever’, meaning ‘Maji Milele’.

Providing maintenance of prepaid water points is their main service. Related to this service Water Forever is an exclusive distributor of Tag meter prepaid water meters and offer 100% transparent Community Savings Accounts.

All the Sustainable Inclusive Business aspects we are addressing are based on issues we have created over the past. Our current Economy and Business models are not a Future Proof.

Basically the SDGs define the most permanent global issues we have to solve #Together. If you look at what you can Improve to have a POSITIVE Impact on People, Planet and Profit you will be able to see that you contribute to the SDGs as  well. Plastic Take Back & Recycling: 12.

Sustainable production and consumption. Sustainable Inclusive Business likes to encourage you to set Business GOALS and identify the SDGs you are contributing to. Cause those problems are affecting all of us.


Einstein had a very wise saying: “ you cant solve problems with the same thinking as you used creating them”. We clearly need to Rethink!