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Nazava water filters are designed to make your life easier and healthier. Nazava filters are designed in the Netherlands and remove 99.9% of bacteria from the water (tested by WHO) which means you can be assured that your consumers stay healthy.

Nazava water purifiers store 16 liter of safe drinking water which means that you will never run out of safe drinking water. All the materials we use are virgin and food contact safe so you do not need to worry about BPA.

The water filters are so easy to use that they can be operated by a child .

Nazava water filters provide you with fresh and 100% safe drinking water wherever you are. After filtration, tap, well, and rain water can be drunk directly, without the need to boil. Without using electricity or other fuels! Hence, so much more convenient  than buying bottled water or having to boil. The Nazava water filter is super affordable, and extremely easy to use. Nazava water filter is trusted  by more than 145 thousand buyers.