Tesco launches new waste-busting service to help suppliers swap surplus stock


“Excess stock or waste for one supplier could be a valuable commodity to another,” said Sarah Bradbury, Tesco quality director. “By ...

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New rule coming through: How to keep up with changing climate regulations

Earth days

In an effort to salvage our planet for generations to come, climate-protection measures are intensifying around the world. Most recently, the Security...

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How climate change reporting can change the face of investment


What motivates industries to reduce their environmental impact? In order for businesses to be transparent with their investors, they need to have cons...

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Gov’t Endorses Elimination Of Problematic Plastics

Dr Ayub Macharia, officially launching the Priority List

The Kenya Plastics Pact (KPP) has published a list of problematic and unnecessary plastic items to be eliminated in Kenya. This adds to the already ex...

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EcoFlow: Your eco-friendly, innovative, off-grid energy solution


Rising energy prices are forcing people to seek alternative sources of this important commodity that fuels many activities in homes and offices. Given...

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5 lessons from Closed Loop Partners’ challenge to reinvent retail bags

Returnity copy

The single-use plastic retail bag is a highly visible symbol of our incumbent linear, take-make-waste system: these bags are used for an average of 12...

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COP27: World leaders agree to talk about paying for loss and damage

UN Climate Change.

“Funding arrangements responding to loss and damage” has been included for the first time in an agenda agreed upon by the global community for the COP...

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Plastic waste may be acidifying our oceans, scientists speculate

An art installation in Sky Central London. Image zoetnet CC BY SA 3 0 via Flickr

The trillions of pieces of plastic currently roving through the global ocean are known to be an assault on life. Turtles get tangled up in discarded p...

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Kepsa launches private sector strategy on climate change


Kenya Private Sector Alliance (Kepsa) has launched a strategy on climate change solutions. This comes just days ahead of the COP27 slated for between ...

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Should we give plastic credits a chance?


Welcome to the second of my two-part series on waste management in India. If you missed the first part on challenges, I suggest giving that a quick re...

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