What Does Sustainable Inclusive Businesses Do On Biodiversity?

Focus Areas

Biodiversity (super simplified) is the natural balance of nature (species, animals, landscape) and cycle of live that enables us to live.

From the bees to the fish to the soil and water to trees. Cause together they represent and guarantee life.

How is that YOUR Business?

Ever thought about the real impact of producing shoes to the water around, the pesticides being used for agriculture impacting soil and insects, the raw materials used for cement and the fossil fuels for transport and manufacturing. Whats the real price of doing business? How can we sustain our business with impacting planet positively?

Biodiversity supports development and development impacts biodiversity. Biodiversity is central to Kenya’s economic development because it provides basic goods and ecosystem services. It is also integral to key development sectors among them tourism, agriculture, livestock, forestry and fishing. Further, it supports the industrial sector through the provision of raw materials.

Effective biodiversity conservation management practice must be broad based and there is a need to provide a platform for the private sector, civil society and NGO’s to work together. Biodiversity is everyone’s story. We can therefore learn, gain, grow, from each other and create a powerful movement to change mind-sets, grow understanding and restore connection between people and planet. Sustainable Inclusive Business is currently identifying good practices and creating a coalition of drivers to start. Key sectors are: Horti/floriculture, Agribusiness, Construction, Finance, Tourism, Extractives and Energy.

Projects & Programs


We believe that real impact goes beyond planting trees, goes beyond donating for clean water. We believe that for real sustainable impact we need all stakeholders from business, government, civil society, citizens, media. Cause a tree needs to be planted to grow and to restore areas of deforestation or areas with lack of carbon emission reduction and they need to grow and stay there. If only 1 farm creates a buss around the loss of bees, they stay a live countrywide.

Join forces for the real change. It is is your Responsibility to Change Your Story.

Business examples

  • NIC Bank
  • Base Titanium
  • Bamburi Cement
  • SunWorld Safaris
  • Lets go Travel

The depiction of Biodiversity by Water, Animals, Soil, Plants (healthy balanced elements of nature) allows a different stakeholders from different sectors to set targets on any of the elements and still contribute to the umbrella Call for action: #ChangetheStory


These projects Circular Economy Program directly contribute to the achievement of these SDGs: