How Does Sustainable Inclusive Business Go About Creating Change In Biodiversity? Coalition Of Drivers

Focus Areas

In order to act upon the needs in biodiversity, Sustainable Inclusive Business has taken the following approach:

Creating a Coalition of drivers

Building a strong coalition will acknowledge the need for collaboration, will empower each other on actions and will speed up the change on national level. It will encourage cross cut learning, tapping into different expertise aspects and therefore accumulating actions and impact. In as much as the coalition needs to represent all actors in society, we are currently working with groups where there is energy. Everyone will be included through information and awareness creation, yet change will not be slowed down by inactive participation.

Currently, the following organisations are part of the coalition:

Businesses – for targets, fast-tracking of change and resources
  • NIC Bank
  • Base Titanium
  • Bamburi Cement
  • SunWorld Safaris
  • Uniglobe Let’s go Travel
Media – Awareness creation and campaigns
  • RedHouse Media
  • Citizen Media Group
NGO’s – for knowledge and impact
  • WWF
  • Africa Conservation centre
  • Bird life
  • IUCN
  • IFAW
  • Green Belt Movement
Business Support Organisations – for networks, facilitation and secretarial assignment, knowledge
  • KEPSA Foundation
  • Kenya Association of Tour Operators
  • Deltares
Academia – local community engagement, embedding values in young minds
Civil Society – For Platforms and engagement on global agenda level
  • UNEP
Government – National Vision, Planning and Incentives