Effects Of Mining On Biodiversity

Focus Areas

Some Effects of mining on the environment

  • Emission of dust, suspended particle and gases which cause air pollution.
  • Release of harmful trace element e.g., CO, Pb, Cd etc. leads to the contamination of surface water.
  • Underground water is also contaminated due to seepage and infiltration of leached drainage.
  • Mining leads to the degradation of soil quality, fertility and makes it toxic.
  • Soil Erosion due to clearing of vegetation and heavy machinery
  • Mass land movement – landslides
  • Natural vegetation get adversely effected due to leached trace element.
  • The major consequences of mining is the deforestation which results in loss of flora and fauna.
  • It directly affect the ecosystem and its stability as many species are killed due to toxicity of water and soil and loss of habitat.
  • Mining results in wastage of land as it neither remain suitable for industrial use nor for agricultural purposes.
  • Mining directly results in the loss of landscape and beauty of surrounding.