Why Biodiversity Matters For These Sectors

Focus Areas

When thinking biodiversity, think Environment, Nature Conservation, Soil, Natural Capital, Climate Change, Renewable/Non-renewable Resources. Therefore, impact of Private Sector on the P of Planet (People and Profit) is from the following sectors:


Biodiversity, the variety of life on Earth, is a large part of what makes tourist destinations such as tropical forests, beaches and national parks so attractive. Sustainable tourism is also a major source of revenue and employment for local communities, providing a strong incentive to protect biodiversity (UNWTO, 2010). Here is how your business may be impacting biodiversity and how your business in tourism can have a positive impact on biodiversity.

Agribusiness / Floriculture /horticulture

Agriculture relies heavily on biodiversity for crop and livestock productivity, pollination, sources of genetic advancement (e.g. disease resistance), crop protection, watershed control and ecosystem services (e.g. soil building). Biodiversity is thus fundamental to agriculture, food production and sustainable development. The loss of biodiversity represents business risks: the agribusiness sector faces operational risks such as diminishing supplies or rising costs of key resources and inputs, for example raw materials and water(Convention on Biological Diversity).


Reduce the use of virgin material and encourage the use of materials from sustainable sources. A lot of construction materials are recyclable and also a lot of materials have been made more sustainable and environmental friendly because of latest techniques. Sand, steel, glass, stone (partly) wood are materials that today can be environmentally friendly qualified sourced and are all recyclable and / or reusable. Across the built environment, green certified building materials are an opportunity for manufacturers to create a local green economy. Dig the sand, manufacture glass, sell and use glass, recycle glass, reuse the glass, sell and use the glass etc… local circular economy. The positive impact on environment by reusing, recycling and using smart materials can’t be expressed in money (only). Read More on Effects of Construction on Biodiversity


The extractive industry – oil, gas and mining – drives economic growth across the world. However, these benefits come at a cost. Greenhouse gas emissions, pollution and biodiversity loss are just some of the threats extraction poses to human health and the environment. Here are some effects of mining on Biodiversity.