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It is our absolute pleasure to present the 2019 Great Minds Challenge to you; a two- month coaching program that will kick off on September 20th (Induction) through to November 29th (Commencement), for top talents aimed at performance acceleration and professional capability enhancement, inclusive of 3 days’ impact challenge from October 25th to 27th in South-Coast.

Great Minds Challenge, 2nd edition, is a proven and verified world-class program with profitable and concrete results. We are looking for New Generation leaders who are going to co-create impact plans and visually design organizational strategies together with renowned business experts and coaches.

Your organization’s pain point is the challenge that you will bring on-board. We will use special tools like Clarity4D, CREPESTM, ScanCoaching and a unique business model canvas developed by United States International University-Africa.

The key envisioned outcomes for every participating organization are:

  • Increase efficiency and consistency in your organization’s processes and performance using CREPESTM tool.
  • Transform your organization’s pain points into innovative, future-proof and sustainable solutions.
  • Equip your organization’s top talents with tools & nurture them through coaching to get stellar performers.
  • Improve your brand positioning, market share and create a brand story.

Join our league of champions for 2019 Impact and Innovation Challenge.

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