Sustainability Standards & Voluntary Certification in the Tea Sector

Focus Areas


The Kenya Tea Directorate, Sustainable Inclusive Business and the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD)) convened stakeholders for a meeting to focus on identifying and addressing challenges related to Voluntary Sustainability Certification VSC and developing credible data collection and sharing systems. Based on this process a collective action plan was to be developed and presented to the stakeholders to respond to the challenges and bottlenecks related to VSC in the Kenyan Tea Sector.

Increase sustainability in the tea sector in Kenya and expand the benefits received by producers, as well as supporting national and sector sustainability strategies, by improving the effectiveness of VSC as a sustainable development tool. The meeting brings together the key stakeholders in the tea sector to collectively identify and address challenges and opportunities related to VSC and to share effective and efficient methodologies and share credible data and information.

Below is the report.