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Date: 4th December 2017

SIBKenya  organized a Plastic Waste Management Business Mission Roundtable on 4Th December 2017 hosted by The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands Nairobi. The roundtable on waste management was as a result of plastic paper ban in Kenya. During the forum, SIBKenya noted the need for discussions around plastics waste management and for industry players within the value chain to come together and share knowledge, views and sustainable solutions on plastic waste management and create business linkage/match making.

The Roundtable objectives included;

  • Sharing knowledge, Identifying challenges and gaps and mapping out opportunities
  • Bringing all key players together and defining possible solutions and assigning key players to be part of the implementation process.
  • Networking and identifying possible partnerships through B2B engagements.

The discussion focused on key concern areas like waste collection, separation, recycling and reuse. It was clear that, there is need for consumer and user responsibility awareness on waste management, clean environment and using the waste available to create value and develop a universal businesses model that cuts across all stakeholders.

Waste is a national issue that cannot be handled without the involvement of all stakeholders including the government which should be on the forefront to provide an enabling environment through creation of relevant investment policies and regulations.

From the meeting it was highlighted there is need for relevant knowledge and correct information to go out to the public in order to bring about a mindset change among citizens in regards to plastic waste management. It was additionally suggested that a technology piloted waste management solution that involves the community be developed and that grants and loans be made available for funding and financing of these projects and innovations.

Some of the companies in attendance included; Taka Taka Solutions, Mr. Green, KAM, RETRAK, PUM, MVO, Serena Hotel, BoP innovation Centre, Java, Carrefour and Suresh Patel- KEPSA Environment sector Board Immediate past chair among others.

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