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IMF roots for sustainable growth to bridge income gap

Economies in sub-Saharan Africa grew at a record pace before covid-19 pandemic, however, the growth has not been equally distributed, leaving income gaps unfilled. The IMF in its economic outlook report says it is less clear if the gains in economic growth have been shared equally across regions. Read more

5th SIB Conference on CE report

Sustainable Inclusive Business the change Agent, held a preview webinar of our Annual Circular Economy Conference which brought together companies and stakeholders to share knowledge and  good practices in various sectors. Through inspiration, initiatives and facilitation and connection the session created a platform to set goals that will create a sustainable and inclusive economy.

Solar panels have come a long way. Recycling them has not

Over the past five years, it’s become more likely to see solar panels blanketing a field or shimmering on a rooftop near you. The industry grew by 33 percent each year on average over the last 10 years, with cumulative solar installations nearly doubling in the last five. That growth will almost certainly accelerate thanks to a big […]

This collective wants to fix the beauty industry’s packaging problem

No recycled content. No take-back program. Destined for landfill, incineration or (worse yet) the environment. This probably doesn’t sound to you like a recipe for success in sustainability. It didn’t sound great to two veterans of the beauty products industry either. Mia Davis is vice president of sustainability and impact at Credo Beauty and Victor Casale is […]