Our Planet Our Business Event/Webinar

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Our Planet Our Business Event/Webinar

The “Our Planet Our Business” WWF – SIB-K event & webinar, was a dynamic initiative to engage with business leaders on environmental sustainability. The screening of the impactful documentary “Our Planet Our Business,” was the trigger to have an open and honest discussion on the private sector’s role in promoting sustainability. While this event was scheduled during Covid-19 we only had the business leaders in a room and the audience tuned in online. 

Our primary objectives were to raise awareness about environmental sustainability and advocate for a shift towards corporate social investment, aligning with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Agreement. By fostering dialogue, sharing insights, and forging partnerships with key stakeholders like Sustainable Inclusive Business (SIB-K) and local media, we aimed to inspire concrete actions that contribute to a more sustainable future for all.


WWF Kenya – duration 2 months prep – 1 exchange event/webinar



As part of our commitment to advancing environmental sustainability within the business community, we organized and facilitated the “Our Planet Our Business” webinar. This initiative was designed to engage business leaders in discussions and actions toward environmental, economic, and social sustainability.

The objective was to bring together business leaders to discuss the urgency of the role businesses play in regards to the environment, planets’ sustainability and conservation. The prelude to the event was the screening of the WWF & Silverback Films documentary “Our Planet, Our Business”. The film highlighted the critical role of businesses in addressing environmental challenges and promoting sustainability.

The “Our Planet Our Business” webinar served as a platform for catalysing positive change within the business community towards environmental sustainability. Anticipated outcomes included heightened awareness among business leaders and increased support for initiatives such as the Business for Nature coalition.