Redifining Business Values

It is no longer optional for businesses to be environmentally conscious. Every company must consider the full impact of its operations throughout the entire value chain. This involves redefining values, so businesses should aim to thrive instead of prioritizing profit while positively impacting both people and the planet. Such values encompass sustainability and inclusion, as well as innovation and enterprise. Without these values, it is impossible to build a future-proof business.

Redefining values involves looking at your full business impact and only positively impacting people, the planet, and profit both within and outside your organization. Human capital, intellectual capital, natural capital, manufactured capital, and social capital are examples of how future-proof and healthy organizations think.

Actual Pricing is another way of weighing the cost of a product or service against its negative impact on people and the planet. Running a business is more than production costs; there is value/cost demanded from people and the planet during the execution of business activities; collectively, these make up the actual price.

To redefine value, you have to do more than communicate; you have to start measuring and building examples of proof. Sustainable Inclusive Business is collaborating with TheRockGroup (TRG), an ambitious agency driving the transition towards a sustainable economy and society to help you measure your business impact, assess your most important topics and areas of improvement, calculate your carbon emission, footprint and create a strategy with clear targets, ESG assessments and transparent sustainability report writing. 

Whether the area of improvement is on the environmental or social side, we can create a solid plan and guide, train, and support your team to create new values that work for your business, people, and the planet. We will collectively work on entrepreneurial solutions and innovations to accelerate your business’s transition.

  • Strategy + reporting 


Without a plan, you don’t know where you are going and what you will achieve. Often, businesses don’t have a strategy that fits their business DNA and value chain and truly drives the change for the Business impact itself. Well-chosen ‘projects’ that create impact are great – but they won’t change your business DNA. We help you create future-proof strategies that lead to targets, reliable reporting, and insights into your business development. 

> Development of sustainability strategies

> Review of business or service model

> ESG planning & dashboard

> External benchmarking

> Sound-boarding

> Transition management: strategy execution for an industry or sector

> Handholding through improvement


  • Partnership Building 

Sustainable Inclusive Business is a neutral platform within the Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA). We speak the private sector language regarding environmental and social aspects. Partnerships are required to create an enabling future-proof business environment. For instance, you can’t create a successful recycling business without the right policies. You can’t be right in landscape restoration without knowledge of biodiversity and indigenous vegetation. You can’t move fast using sustainable construction materials if you don’t know where to source them. 

Therefore, we strive to meet Sustainable Development Goal 17 on Partnerships for the Goals, which requires partnerships between governments, the private sector, and civil society. The SDGs can only be realized with a strong commitment to global cooperation and partnership, and we have the knowledge and networks to find matches, create coalitions, and build partnerships that work better for all.


  • Dialogues and Events


Events, meetings, roundtables, and conferences are great opportunities to unite people and ideas and create linkages and business opportunities among participants. A sustainable, inclusive meeting regarding material use and waste management will be responsibly executed to ensure the right atmosphere to go home with the desired outcomes.  

We employ modern digital tools and fun innovations to optimize audience engagement, which ensures our guests feel appreciated, listened to, inspired, and valued for their participation. Events are never supposed to be ‘one-off’ occasions, so we provide follow-ups by sharing visual notes, reports, videos, and matchmaking opportunities.

Organizing events is second nature; thus, we go the extra mile to plan our own and work with partners and other organizations to help them realize their vision. Contact us for an event concept or communication strategy, including content, post-event reporting, or the entire event organization. We guarantee a low-footprint, impressive, fun gathering with great value for your money.

How do we do it?

A. Expert Consulting – To boost GOOD Business

We are strategic business developers and communicators for sustainable businesses that shape the Circular and New Economy, Businesses with a purpose and positive impact on People, Planet, and Profit. Sustainable Inclusive Business Consulting works with businesses seeking to become Future Proof and embrace their responsibilities beyond compliance.  

Our partnership with TheRockGroup encompasses decades of experience supporting businesses with their sustainability strategies, ESG, compliance, impact measurement improvement plans, materiality matrices, development of new sustainable businesses, and sustainability education (academia, masters). With our offices in Kenya – Nairobi and South Africa – Cape Town, we have a full-blast context of the East and Southern Africa region and boast an extensive network of decision-makers. We creatively think about a circular economy with our eyes on the future. We wish your business to grow, thrive, stay relevant, innovative, and Good for the planet. Our consultancy services include:


  • Soul scans – mirror, mirror on the wall, what are my business values? 


Before you can change value sets, you need to understand your current business DNA, who you are, how you live the company’s current values, and what your desired business purpose is. We offer to coach, assess, and design new strategy services. Soul sessions are great eye-openers and will make you a Better Entrepreneur.


  • Impact assessments and improvement plans


We assess, analyze, and measure for your Business to thrive and improve. Footprints, Carbon Emission, carbon–offset programs, carbon credits, materiality matrices, ESG scans and plans, and improvement implementation plans. Firstly, we aim to understand what level your business is at on the sustainability ladder. This guides us in designing the roadmap to climb the steps and improve while being beyond compliant.


  • Sustainability Communication 


Communication is essential in a process of change. To leave no one behind within and outside your organization, it is crucial to understand the different departments and the work they are undertaking. Engaging with employees on the improvement plan and tailor-made information that suits the target group is crucial to implementing a new strategy. Communication and implementation go hand in hand according to the flow: connection, engagement, motivation, and creating a better situation. Externally, talking about your sustainability requires honesty, transparency, and simplicity. Consumers and citizens need to understand, trust, and like you.    


  • Sustainability Training


The sustainability agenda is critical for the private sector with an increased integration into sustainability reporting. Furthermore, understanding the impact of your business throughout the value chain and creating a successful intervention requires a strategy that applies to local and global contexts—in essence, supporting you not only in becoming compliant but also in staying ahead of the game by shaping your business impact into a positive one.

A fully embedded sustainability strategy turns sustainability into your business DNA, and those participating in our sustainability training agreed that some planning, challenges, and solutions are similar across the divide. They also appreciate that activities and types of action and impact can differ from one company/organization to another, and that’s why we have partnered with TheRockGroup to walk the sustainability journey with you. 

Some of the topics we cover include:

#1_Embedding and Integrating Sustainability in all Processes.

#2_Carbon Emission and footprint measurement.

#3_Sustainability in Local and Global Organizations.

#4_Legislation, compliance, ESG, and Sustainability 2.0.

#5_Employee Engagement.

#6_Rethinking Sustainability: Systems Thinking.

#7_New Sustainable Communication.

#8_Climate Change adaptation in Sub-Saharan Africa.

#9_Carbon pricing and sustainable financing.

We shall tailor-make training sessions with topics relevant to your organization. We are happy to integrate your reporting to the Voluntary National Review (VNR) for the country and support you in conducting ESG assessments and developing reports.

Let us create a sustainable future together!



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