Code of Ethics, Business Values and New Business Mindset

Focus Areas

Date: 28th September 2017

Kenya is a growing economy and within it is business community that plays an important role in making the country economically stable,
more sustainable and inclusive. The growing economy needs to have a positive impact on people and planet. Businesses have to be Innovative, Smart, Agile and Good. This is the only way forward. Sustaining and taking care of the world and therefore our businesses requires a holistic Mindset, visionary actions and new leadership.

The Power of Future-Proof businesses!
To make sure that businesses thrive not only today but far beyond, responsible business practices are a must-do. If businesses are being responsible for their full business impact i.e. within the company, throughout the value chain up till the end consumer, the business ecosystem will become sustainable, reliable, efficient and therefore future proof. The guarantee is a sustainable Business with engaged
employees, suppliers and clients.

Key elements for this New Business Mindset are New Business Values that are embedded in the
companies’ DNA.