Circular Economy Trailblazers

An all-in approach is needed to tackle current issues of pollution, climate change, inequality, unemployment, and resource depletion. Together, we will create a joined force for good.

We are here to facilitate dialogue, share knowledge, build networks, create partnerships and provide organizational support for businesses to grow towards a circular economy.

This multi-stakeholder platform brings together the government, the private sector, academia, civil society, NGOs, and startups in all sectors while focusing on areas that combine and cover all aspects of circular business practices.

Circular Economy Good Practices

Get involved, partner with us and like minded organisations

If you make a difference today, you become one of the circular economy trailblazers; while waiting for tomorrow will only be because you’re obligated by laws and regulations. We are focusing on rapidly changing the negative impacts on the environment, and contribute immediately to a change of mind set in the process. Here are some of the programs, projects, and initiatives you can tap into today.

KEPSA Keen on Facilitating Practical Learning for Entrepreneurs Through Established Businesses

Sustainable Inclusive Business, the knowledge Centre under the Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA), has finalized a 3-month Mentorship Program in Social Entrepreneurship. The mentorship focused on enhancing the knowledge and understanding of key topics such as Resource Mobilization and Proposal Writing, Financial Literacy and Business Planning, Digital Marketing, Social Impact and Sustainability, Collaboration and Networking […]


Re-Connect For Good Practices On The Sustainable Circular Economy Journey. Upande Ltd is a private Kenyan social enterprise founded in 2009.  We develop digital platforms which track assets including facilities, businesses, farms, utilities, and key infrastructure. Every asset is digitized and can be monitored, maintained and accounted for on our platforms. Upande provides smart devices […]


  Established in 2015, Burton & Bamber is an agro-processing company with a vision to create income for small-scale farmers, reduce food waste and add value to local produce. We deliver world class healthy snacks and food ingredients created from locally sourced inputs. We’re building a sustainable supply chain and offering premium prices for good […]


Recyckla International Ltd provides in-tailored solutions aligned with circular economy principles + industrial symbiosis for all waste streams for both waste generators and waste consumers (circular economy enterprises /entrepreneurs) Kenya and beyond (Africa + Globally) It also partners with other stakeholders to find sustainable practical solutions to cross cutting constrains which  fall within the following strategic areas […]


We are a PET recycling company located in Athi River, Kenya with initial capacity of 20000kg a day. We target to utilize post-consumer plastic collected all over Kenya and East Africa. For the firs year, we aim to recycle 6 million kilograms of PET. Read more…


Green Tour Program Global trends of consumers and tourists are demanding socially and environmentally responsible products, particularly in eco-sensitive destinations such as Africa. A business that provides sustainable products and services gains a competitive advantage while increasing their efficiency, saving money and creating a positive impact on the community. A business with demonstrated policies and […]


We have transformed the way our factories are powered and operate to minimize our environmental impact. And we’ve captured some of the most innovative examples – such as harvesting rainwater and turning spent tea leaves into green energy – in a short film. Watch it here. Our goal was to transform our manufacturing processes, from […]


Close the Gap is an international social enterprise that aims to bridge the digital divide by offering high-quality, pre-owned computers donated by European and international companies to educational, medical and social projects in developing and emerging countries.   Close the Gap collects decommissioned computers from companies and arranges for other organizations to clean the hard disks […]


Retrak is committed to promoting the healthy growth of businesses and trade in Kenya. Our members have unprecedented access to the tools they need to make their businesses more effective and more profitable. It is a powerful, unified retail voice. We drive and shape the retail agenda whilst making sure ones own business priorities are […]


InsectiPro is a startup based in Limuru, Kenya that dedicates itself to creating “sustainable, nutritious and profitable systems, that will positively change the current food and value chains”. Their solution: insects. Founder Talash Huijbers: “People call them beasts, we call them beauties.” With a fast-growing population, the demand for animal proteins is spiking. Traditional food […]