PUM works with 2000 senior experts who share their knowledge on a one-on-one basis either through short-term and repetitive advisory missions at the work floor, or through online coaching activities.

The PUM NL strategy involves a programme-based working method in order to realise more impact. Carrying out a series of missions for several entrepreneurs within the same chain or sector leads to better implementation of advice; a new strategy or technological method will be better developed by the receiving party(/ies).

PUM NL Senior Experts Sectors Overview

energy management, re-use of energy waste, conventional energy sources, sustainable energy sources

Water Supply and waste water
drinking water supply, production, purification and distribution. Waste water treatment

Waste management
waste (collection, recycling, landfilling or incineration), industrial waste, cleaner production

 Environmental Matters
water, soil and air (emissions) in general terms not related to certain industries

management of resorts, lodges, parks and camps , finances

Catering, Restaurants and Events
management and cost controlling for restaurants, coffee shops, fastfood, outside catering, seminars, conferences, bars & nightclubs

management tour operators, travel agencies, tourist offices, promotion boards, guides, cultural activities

Through meetings, roundtables, company visits and (desktop) research, content was developed.

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Spinning, weaving and knitting
dyeing, finishing, coating and printing, management, processing, quality control and applications

Textile Consumer Products
cutting, general management, sales, marketing, finance and human resources ”ready-to-wear”

Leather Industry
tanning, wet-blue production, crust production, finishing including dyeing

Timber Processing
Logging, sawing, drying, planning, waste

Furniture Manufacture
Production and design of furniture, lacquer, painting, upholstery, showroom layout

Horticulture – Vegetables & Fruits Green & Glasshouses
management, nutrition, plant propagation, water management, quality control of fruit and salad crops.

Horticulture Vegetables and Fruits
seed and tree nursery, quality control, irrigation, organic management, plant protection

Arable Farming
soil amelioration, water management, fertilization, seed knowledge, plant protection, harvest technology & storage

 Tropical Products & Plantations
raw materials for industrial processing, cultivation and storage of crops

Horticulture – Flowers & Ornamental Plants
floriculture, green house construction, climate control, flower design, flowershop management

 Agriculture & Horticulture Technique
agricultural machines & equipment and assistance with mechanisation problems

Building materials and Suppliers
production and application of building materials and – methods, design of building systems, consultancy and practical application in buildings, concrete technology and production, ceramic products, sanitary tiles, paving and bricks.

Building design and Architecture
design, urban planning and landscaping, management for the construction of housing, utilities and civil engineering, building methods up to and including modern and advanced building techniques.

Contracting and Management
preparation and implementation of diverse building projects, knowledge of building processors, construction techniques, budget control, deployment of manpower and equipment at the building site, logistics, planning and building costs in time, money and quality, sustainable energy applications, climate control, energy en water management.

Glass & Ceramics (fine)
glass and pottery production and technology, both industrial and artistic production, implementation, product development, production techniques

Healthcare Management & Business Administration
strategy, organisation structure, ict

Healthcare Cure and Care Processing
certification, quality care systems, organisation of care, training, protocols and procedures

Healthcare Technical Medical Technology
equipment purchase, maintenance, repair (medical technological and laboratories); instruction on equipment

Starch & Starch Products
starch production of corn, cassava, potatoes and starch sugars like glucose & dextrose for food, paper and textile industries

Food Processing
fruit & vegetable industry, convenience foods, bio products and special foods

hot drinks, milk drinks, soft drinks, alcoholic drinks

Oils (Edible & Fats)
production of vegetable oils and fats, bio diesel

Meat Processing
slaugthering, deboning, production of traditional meat products, convenience control, quality control, r&d

Pastry & Confectionery
technical training, product development, quality control, and packaging, milling industry, pasta & couscous, supply chain

 Bakery & Bread Factory
technical training, product development, quality control, packaging, craft bread bakeries

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