The Kenya Plastics Pact is an ambitious, collaborative initiative that brings together stakeholders across the whole plastics value chain to transform the current linear plastics system into a circular economy for plastics. All stakeholders involved sign up to a joint set of ambitious and time-bound targets, ensuring that this collaboration will drive significant change by 2030. Progress will be monitored and publicly reported every year. Collective efforts and targets will speed up the transition.

  • Eliminate : All problematic and unnecessary plastic items.
  • Innovate : To ensure that the plastics we do need are reusable or recyclable.
  • Circulate : All plastic items we use to keep them in the economy and out of environment.

KEPRO (Kenya Producer Responsibility Organisation)

KEPRO's purpose is to accelerate the growth of Kenya's Recycling Ecosystem, leading to a Circular Economy that will protect the natural environment & create jobs for future generations. This will be done through the implementation of a proven EPR model embedded within the environmental laws and legal framework of Kenya.

  • Inclusive stakeholder engagement
  • Widest stakeholder representation
  • True partnership, collaboration & transparency with all public & private stakeholders