White Mountain Community: Helping the Masai to regenerate their livelihoods & landscape
June 23, 2020   |   Need   |   by White Mountain Community
White Mountain Community: Helping the Masai to regenerate their livelihoods & landscape

As business operations gradually re-open amid the Covid-19 pandemic, the Maasai communities in Kenya and Tanzania through the ‘Community-led Landscape and Livelihood Regeneration White Mountain’ initiative are rebuilding their livelihoods and restoring their landscapes.

This is through among other things, a ‘grazing and breeding’ plan in which the original strong cow species are bred back. Six carefully selected bulls have been purchased and are active. Furthermore, the communities are setting up community food gardens which are now accelerating; and the Savannah landscape is being well managed as part of the ecosystem recovery.

The Corona crisis only calls for greater self-reliance. We have already carried out a first ‘food relief’ action in the hardest hit villages, but as a White Mountain Community, we have a post Corona mentality. With looming  reports of a famine in the Masai land, we need to keep sending food relief to help members of the communities survive through these hard times.

From our previous food relief drive, we used an average of about 18 EU per household (Food: Milk, Maize, Beans, Cabbage, Spinach and cooking oil plus masks and soap). We are now targeting 10 communities with about 1200 households, adding up to a total amount of 21,600 EURO. The ‘Zorg van de Zaak Foundation’ in the Netherlands has donated EUR 7500 for this humanitarian aid. Which means that we have 14,100 EURO to go to help these brave,  struggling Maasai!

We are asking for your support in this noble and necessary cause.

Thank you for your compassion.


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