Re-Afric: From footwear production to masks in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic
May 11, 2020   |   Need   |   by Re-Afric social Enterprise
Re-Afric: From footwear production to masks in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic

Kibera is one of the largest urban slums in Africa. Overcrowding, lack of access to public services, environmental degradation and widespread poverty are increasing the vulnerability of residents and weakening the community’s ability to respond to disasters like COVID-19. Deeply rooted in the social and economic realities of Kibera means that understands the immediate challenges facing communities, but it also means that we are also impacted in our ability to provide for the needs of the community’s most vulnerable.

Our overarching objective is to mitigate the health and socio-economic impact of the COVID-19 crisis. Specifically, it aims at availing provisions to the most vulnerable, sensitizing the local communities on the best practices to fight the outbreak and making preventive equipment available on a large scale. More than 229 volunteers are currently under the docket of Re-Afric, undertaking door to door corona awareness and preventive education targeting 500,000 at-risk and vulnerable people and in the process, availing provisions and food donations to the needy who are in dire risk of hunger. In addition, visiting 6 children’s homes we’ve identified in Kibera who are among the most vulnerable to the disruption caused by the Covid-19.

Pre-existing ties with local youth organizations have helped mobilize emergency food delivery and the rapid production of additional hand sanitizers, soap, and masks. Since Re-Afric re-oriented its production capacities from footwear to masks in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, over 3,700 masks have been produced and distributed for free.

Yet, given the huge number of people that are or will soon become affected, more needs to be done and we are running out of resources. You can donate via MPesa, Transferwise or Paypal by following the link: We will update the website with a weekly report on the situation on the ground.

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