Need Used Kitchen Oil from Hotels & Lodges
April 15, 2020   |   Need   |   by AKUSI ORGANICS LIMITED
Need Used Kitchen Oil from Hotels & Lodges

Akusi is a small women-run company that makes organic soap and seeks to make a positive social and environmental impact.

Many restaurants/hotels/lodges dispose of used cooking oil via the kitchen drain instead of recycling it. And because used oil solidifies into chunks at low temperatures (yep, even if you try to dissolve the oil with hot water and soap) it ends up clogging the drain pipe and sewage system.

Give us the used oil; we return Natural Castile Soap for bathroom use or kitchen use at a small fee. Or better yet, donate the used oil so that we make and distribute the Natural Castile Soap Free of Charge to Schools and Children’s Homes in the less fortunate areas of Nairobi and beyond especially those most affected by the corona crisis. This also goes a long way towards creating more jobs, reducing the cost of cleanup and the environment will be protected, thus contributing to the development of a circular economy.

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