Helping Organizations Deal With Covid’s Negative Emotional Impacts at Workplaces
May 13, 2020   |   Share   |   by Public Image Africa
Helping Organizations Deal With Covid’s Negative Emotional Impacts at Workplaces

Workplaces (virtual or physical) are emotional places. We all experience a wide range of feelings as we interact with colleagues, customers, and others. These feelings and emotions influence our decisions, behavior, and performance.

The Corona Virus pandemic has resulted in major changes in people’s lives, both at the workplace and at home. Social, cultural, financial, and health impacts of the Covid-19 crisis are increasingly having people fall into emotional crisis as a result of the coronavirus anxiety that we are seeing lead to mental health issues.

Public Image Africa is helping organizations understand their teams’ emotional and mental wellbeing during this period, and provides viable solutions to coping with the coronavirus anxiety, stress, and fear at workplaces; through a free Emotional Culture Index Report“.

Our aim is to help your organization protect it’s employees’ wellbeing at a time of a global crisis, as well as help maintain high productivity at the workplace (either from the office or at home).

The Emotional Climate Index is a short survey, designed to measure 3 dimensions of emotions at work:

Current state: How often your people experience certain feelings working right now.

Expected state: How often your people think it’s fair and reasonable to experience these feelings given the nature and context of your work.

Ideal state: How often your people think they should ideally experience these feelings while working in order to be effective.

When you know how your people are feeling you can better understand their thinking and behavior. This allows you to more efficiently plan where to focus your energy to optimize engagement, productivity, retention, and resilience.

Contact us and we will:

  • Be in touch to set you up with a complimentary Emotional Culture Index Survey
  • Prepare your Emotional Culture Index Report
  • Set up a complimentary virtual call to interpret your Report and
  • Explore insights and help you create an action plan that will serve as a catalyst for enhancing your team’s performance even now, under the current circumstance.
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