From farms to homes of vulnerable families affected by Covid19
August 6, 2020   |     |   by Mlango Farm (farmers) + transport SNV = Farm to Feed
From farms to homes of vulnerable families affected by Covid19

Everyone has been hit hard by the COVID19 crisis. But in times like these, it’s the vulnerable that are hit the hardest by the economic down turn. As businesses suddenly closed down, many people have lost their income. Without reserves or government support, they are now facing the prospect of extreme poverty, unable to feed themselves or their children. Famine is therefore a serious threat.

Farm to Feed is a two way street: help feed the vulnerable who lost their income with food items sourced directly from farmers struggling to keep afloat in the current crisis. The aim is to reach the most vulnerable adults and children through vetted charities (Charity Connect on Facebook). Time is of the essence, we aim to deliver food every day to as many people as we can reach! Please help support those who need us.

Our concept is as follows:

1. We buy produce from affected local farms to help them through these difficult times. It is crucial for the livelihoods of the farmers and their families but also so that after the crisis the value chain is still intact and able to produce enough to feed the people.

2. We give this directly to the most vulnerable. To give an idea: a donation of eg. 15 usd will support the farms sell their produce and feed 10 adults / ~15 children basic vegetables for one week. There are a lot of mouths to feed, any donation big or small is welcome.

3. There is no middle man, every cent goes directly to the farmers.

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Author : Josephine Wawira
Company : Mlango Farm (farmers) + transport SNV = Farm to Feed