“Kenya is transitioning to a Circular Economy”

Held on the 7 and 8th of October 2021, the 6th Annual Circular Economy Conference on Sustainability and Inclusion was themed, ‘KENYA IS TRANSITIONING TO A CIRCULAR ECONOMY.’During the first day of the conference (7th of October), the Kenya Plastics Pact was launched,as the platform to tackle plastic waste and pollution in the country. The Kenya Plastics Pact is an ambitious, collaborative initiative that brings together stakeholders across the plastics value chain to create a sustainable circular economy for plastics. To read the conference reports >In 2021, we braced the pandemic once more to provide participants with the ultimate opportunity to get inspired, get insights from lessons learned, explore the challenges and opportunities, do a business scan, get a sense of the status, meet partners, expand networks, create business leads and get hands-on tips and tricks at a virtual conference on Circular Economy.This unique multi-stakeholder platform unites the most relevant brands, plastic producers, recyclers, government agencies, civil society organizations, and waste pickers representatives, behind commonly agreed targets in accelerating the circular economy for plastics in Kenya.The second day saw a series of workshops held, focusing on sharing and exchanging ideas on the emerging developments and initiatives that are speeding up the transition to a circular economy in Kenya. Discussions on current circular economy developments identified activities, innovations, collaborations, and policy priorities to support the economy to fully go circular.