The Boost Better Business Program is a program of Sustainable Inclusive Business and B Lab East Africa designed to help you measure your sustainability and inclusiveness impact, support you in monitoring Business progress and in identifying areas of improvement.

The program entails:

  • A full assessment using the B Impact Assessment tool

  • Reflection on sustainability and business DNA

  • Assistance on improvement plan (may include workshops)

  • A tailormade training and improvement schedule

Our Work Within this Partnership:

This was an individual business approach to the B3 Program.

A Session on the Base Way Forward.
What is Sustainable and Inclusive?

Base Titanium is a mining company operating and mining in Kwale county, Kenya. Their license to operate is based on a mutual benefit model. For mining you need access to land and the area will receive development in
return. What is considered ‘development’? And why does the mutual benefit model not work in receiving the access to land?

Together, we were able to mention a few struggles, go through the successses and asses the Base values, status. We also had insights on what sustainability means and how it works within the company and beyond.

While it is commonplace for the horticultural business leaders to discuss how they minimize the harm their businesses cause to communities and the environment, the new business leaders are setting the bar higher by seeking to, not only minimize harm but to also maximize the positive impact of their
businesses. Instead of limiting negative externalities, they are actively and purposefully seek a regenerative economy by operating their businesses using inclusive, thoughtful and sustainable approaches.

Businesses’ applying the sustainability approaches have a new mindset to their value proposition, HR, Innovation, Value Chain & Procurement, Mobility, Governance, Transparency, Environment, Finance, Partnerships, Stakeholder engagement, Business Models and Communication. These are the SMART companies that add transformative value and are destined to exist in for a long while.

This formed the premise for the establishment of the Boost Better Business Program with SNV Horticulture chapter.  This was a step towards
strengthening the capacity of actors & partners in horticulture to accelerate the impact of their operational practices and value chains by measuring and managing the social and environmental impacts of their organisations with as much rigour as their profits. Setting impact and financial goals, looking at intentions and constraint and putting in place the right governance and resources to deliver consistently on those goals


The 2 Scale Programme accelerates inclusive business in target agri-food sectors and industries, enabling them to produce, transform and supply quality food products to local, national and regional end-user markets, including Base of the Pyramid (low-income) consumers.

The main objective of this B3 PROGRAM was to support 2SCALE partners;

  • Keringet Community Social Economic and Environmental Development (KCSEED)
  • Kieni Dairy Products Limited Investments- KDPL
  • Nyabon Enterprises Limited

on measurement and management of impact. Specifically:

  1. Assessing Operations: Evaluate the operational impact of the three SMEs on all their stakeholders as managed and operated on a day to day basis, giving an essential attention to a holistic measure of business performance.
  2. Benchmarking, Learning and Ideating with Peers: Review and compare the SMEs “B Impact Assessment” report. Learn and ideate with peers and experts.
  3. Improve Performance and Impact: Identify key improvement metrics and set short-term and long-term goals to take the business to the next level.