Roadmap to 2030, Kenya Plastics Pact releases its National Strategy

Nairobi, Kenya, 29 August 2022. Today, the Kenya Plastics Pact has published a Roadmap to ensure all plastic packaging in the country is recyclable or reusable by 2030. More than 30 business members and supporters of the Kenya Plastics Pact, with representatives from every stage of the plastics packaging supply chain, have signed and endorsed […]

KEPSA, through SIB-K, Brings the Sustainable Waste Management Act to Life by Providing Infrastructure to Separate Waste at The Source in Mombasa

On Friday, 22nd July, the Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) Foundation through Sustainable Inclusive Business Kenya (SIB-K) partnered with the County Government of Mombasa to launch a public awareness campaign on the separation of waste at source. This partnership also saw the installation of a waste receptacle at the Manyimbo Estate and separation bins at […]

Elevating Kenya’s food security with protein-based animal feed

Agriculture is the back-born of Kenya’s economy, contributing 26% of the GDP. Unfortunately, the adoption of conventional farming methods has led to the use of synthetic chemicals (fertilizer, hormones, pesticides, etc.), causing environmental pollution, climate change, and health issues. According to a recently published report dubbed “Kenya and the Netherlands: Working Together Towards Circular Agriculture in […]

KEPSA Deputy CEO Foundation Martha Cheruto’s Remarks During the Magazine Launch

KEPSA DEPUTY CEO MARTHA CHERUTO’S REMARKS DURING THE OFFICIAL LAUNCH OF THE SIB MAGAZINE ON 8TH JUNE 2022 AT THE SAROVA STANELY HOTEL IN NAIROBI Dr. Ayub Macharia, Director of Environmental Education and Awareness Sustainable Inclusive Business team, Partners, guests, and members of the media, Hamjambo. It is with great pleasure that I join you […]

SIB-K, Under KEPSA, Launches the 1st Edition of the Sustainable Inclusive Business Magazine, Calls for Innovations and Business Models that Design Out Waste

SIB-K, Under KEPSA, Calls for Innovations and Business Models that Design Out Waste According to the Sustainable Inclusive Business (SIB-K) in their Sustainability Magazine 2021, a shift to a circular economy will keep materials in use, and protect and restore the environment. Sustainable Inclusive Business (SIB-K), the Knowledge Center under the Kenya Private Sector Alliance […]

Kenya and the Netherlands working together toward circular agriculture

(L-R: Ingrid Korving, Agricultural Counsellor for Kenya and Tanzania, Karin Boomsma, Director of Sustainable Inclusive Business – Kenya, Maarten Brouwer, The Netherlands Ambassador to Kenya, launching the report in Nairobi on Wednesday, 6th April.) By adopting increasingly circular, regenerative, and inclusive farming practices, Kenya has shown great potential to make its second-largest industry more sustainable […]


Nairobi, 10th February 2022: The Flipflopi Project, ALN Kenya and Sustainable Inclusive Business today launched a report uncovering the need to adopt streamlined legislation to manage plastic pollution throughout the East African Community (EAC). The report is dubbed; ‘East Africans: Let’s Unite for Change’. The goal of the report is to promote a better understanding […]

Stakeholder Engagement on Action Plan to Improve the Circularity of Large Household Appliances in Kenya

Today, Sustainable Inclusive Business Kenya, together with the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) hosted a stakeholder engagement meeting on e-waste management in Nairobi. The Ministry of Environment and Forestry and the Kenya Industrial Research and Development Institute (KIRDI); the National Designated Entity (NDE) of the Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN), had earlier […]

Sustainable Inclusive Business launches the Kenya Plastics Pact to tackle plastics waste

Nairobi (October 7th, 2021). Sustainable Inclusive Business (SIB-K) has launched an ambitious, new collaborative initiative to tackle plastics waste and pollution has today launched in Kenya. The Kenya Plastics Pact (KPP) will bring together stakeholders across the plastics value chain to create a circular economy for plastics. The Pact brings together businesses, governments, researchers, NGOs, […]

Sustainable Inclusive Business – KEPSA Clean-Up Exercise to Accelerate Waste Separation at Source in Mombasa

Mombasa, 17th July 2021: The Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) Foundation, through Sustainable Inclusive Business (SIB-K), in collaboration with Mombasa County Government today conducted a clean-up exercise in Tudor Ward, aimed at creating awareness on separation of waste at source for proper waste management from the household level. The exercise brought together various stakeholders from […]