Elevating Kenya’s food security with protein-based animal feed

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Agriculture is the back-born of Kenya’s economy, contributing 26% of the GDP. Unfortunately, the adoption of conventional farming methods has led to the use of synthetic chemicals (fertilizer, hormones, pesticides, etc.), causing environmental pollution, climate change, and health issues. According to a recently published report dubbed “Kenya and the Netherlands: Working Together Towards Circular Agriculture in Kenya, adopting circular, regenerative, and inclusive farming practices has shown great potential to make the country’s second-largest industry more sustainable overall. For instance, circular agriculture is enabling Kenya to mitigate climate change, elevate her food quality and improve food security.

Under this backdrop, the Embassy of the Netherlands in Kenya hosted a Circular Economy Roundtable on alternative protein-based animal feed on the 6th of April 2022 in Nairobi; to raise awareness and inform the target group on the status of current successful developments in Circular Agriculture in the country. Participants of the roundtable also discussed their collective vision for a more sustainable sector in the country, as well as challenges and next steps to grow opportunities locally and regionally. Read more….